David Kingham
Fine Art Landscape Photography


I create artwork to trigger an emotional response with the viewer, to remind them of all the beauty in the world. I want them to leave their stresses behind no matter how large or small they may be. My goal is to bring joy into peoples lives through my work. I create images that are more than a pretty picture, I want them to heal the viewers soul, to transport them and forget about the tragedies of the world for a moment to find inner peace.

I began working with photography when I had a burning desire for something more in life; the cubicle walls were killing me. There was a creative side of me that I didn't know existed until I found photography. Once I started, my passion was unleashed and any other type of work seemed mundane. I knew I had found my purpose in life and could never return to normalcy.

When I'm alone in the mountains or staring at the night sky, I am humbled by the vastness and reminded of how small we are and how short our time is on this earth. It reminds me to enjoy every day and continue to follow my passion. There is no someday, there is only today.