David Kingham
Fine Art Landscape Photography


Interview on the Lens & Landscape Podcast

I was recently interviewed on a great new podcast hosted by Fred Weymouth that is focused purely on Landscape photography. We discussed a number of topics listed below

  • David gives a recap on his time spent on the road thus far
  • Domestic upgrades from tent, to 4 runner, to “Bertha”
  • Most recent upgrade is a small travel trailer with 400 watts of solar power
  • What a typical day look like for David
  • Boondocking on public lands and what that entails
  • 365 Project recently completed; unexpectedly caused David to fall in love with post processing
  • Learned new post processing techniques from Sean Bagshaw and Ryan Dyar
  • Discussed David’s LR presets
  • David’s current workflow in LR/PS; Luminosity Masks
  • Licensing of images under Creative Commons
  • Favorite venue is Colorado and San Juan Mountains
  • Summer plans to include Rockies and small backpacking workshop
David Kingham