David Kingham
Fine Art Landscape Photography

Photo a day project

Day 260

Dedicated to my uncle Carl, he was a gentle soul that touched the lives of everyone he knew. He cared for everyone and treated them as family, he bent over backwards to help others wherever he could. He was a joker and a prankster, half the time you didn't know if he was full of shit because he made up elaborate stories on the spot to screw with you.

He wouldn't take your bullshit either, I learned some valuable lessons from the man when I was young, stupid, and cared only about myself. He set me straight and I didn't want to speak to him for many years because of my own stupid pride. He may not have known, but he taught me a lot about treating others with respect.

The love he had for my aunt Kathy was nothing short of beautiful, they were inseparable and brought so much joy to each others lives that I could never imagine them being apart, for as long as I can remember it has been "Kathy & Carl", as one. My heart breaks to see them torn apart, but I know they will be 'Together Again'. We love and miss you Carl.

Photo from the Oh-Be-Joyful trail in the Raggeds Wilderness near Crested Butte, CO. Carl loved the mountains and always wanted to homestead in the middle of nowhere, I hope I can bring you back some gold from the Yukon this summer buddy.

David Kingham